It seems someone has actually looked at my website!  It has been pointed out to me that it appears that my website has been abandoned.  Thanks for telling me and thanks for looking at the site.  We are still here.

I am pleased to say that Helen now sings at all the gigs.   Most of our gigs are to raise money for charity.  The total amount of money we have now raised for various charities has exceeded £3000 so we have not been totally idle.  My thanks to our audiences for your generosity.   We have been playng mainly charity events with the occasional cafe gig.  We are available for bookings other than charity events so please contact me if you have heard our music and would like us to play for you.

Helen and I both help out at Faldingworth Live.  This is a mainly folk based club which has been operating for some time.  It is based at Faldingworth Memorial Hall and has around 12 events per year.  Check out their web site for forthcoming shows.

The guitar workshop is still going strong, or perhaps slow but sure is a better description.  After several years we are occasionally playing some music!  Don’t expect miracles but if you are interested in playing an acoustic guitar (and you have one!) contact me for details.   It runs on a Tuesday 11am to 2pm.

Comments on the blog should get to me  (although so far this has not happened!) so give it a go if you feel like it and surprise me!


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